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About us

We’re Scott and Christie Corgiat, husband and wife team and owners of Bolt It On, Inc. In 2006 we purchased a new toy hauler so we could go camping and riding with our two young kids, Jake and Phoebe. Our first outing with our new RV was to California City and it took Scott 1.5 frustrating hours to load our four dirt bikes. With tie down straps all over the place and bikes leaning every which way but the right way, Scott was not happy with the “sh_t show” going on in our trailer. He wondered why there wasn’t a hauling system that attached to the D-rings that could be installed and removed easily and quickly? We arrived to the desert tired and after midnight and we just wanted to pull our bikes out so we could set up and put the kids to bed. Unfortunately, we opened the trailer door only to find two bikes tipped over and gasoline that had spilled out and on our new floor. After many “choice words” and cleaning up, it was then that Scott decided he was going to design and manufacture a safe, tool-free, quick, lightweight hauling system for toyhaulers, trailers and vans.

So the story goes... with $500.00 from our savings account ( this is all that Christie was willing to part with at the time) and our 2.5 car garage acting as a shop, Bolt It On was born. It was officially a “side gig” as Scott had a full time job and was already working 60+ hours per week, so the motorcycle racks were built at night, late at night, after family dinner and the kids were in bed. We began selling racks to friends we road with and people that would see our system when we were out camping and riding. Soon we were selling by word of mouth which lead to building our website and launching online sales. Our garage became a working shop. The kids would help with stocking material and sweeping up metal scraps, Christie would help box and was in charge of midnight snacks (and homemade apple pie) and the dogs were pissed off that the UPS person was coming to our address every day. It was kind of a three ring circus but Scott LOVED it and was thrilled to be making something creative.

Over the next 12 years, Bolt It On grew steadily and to a point where Scott was making the racks before and after work and practically most weekends. In 2018 we sold our stock in a corporation Scott had been a part of for 23 plus years and decided to take the plunge! In August of 2018 we launched Bolt It On as our full time business. We knew we had a great product and an impeccable reputation for quality and customer service, however, we were nervous. Jake was in college in North Carolina and Phoebe was a few years away from starting college. We took the plunge and business took off practically over night during the height of the pandemic! We are so grateful for the support and continued business and we so enjoy talking to people all over this wonderful country. We take pride in our products and we are so fortunate for the friendships and connections we have made along the way in this wonderful industry. We will continue to provide quality products and costumer service and will always be... MADE IN THE USA!!!