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Bolt It On products are made right here in the U.S.A. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on everything we manufacture.

The Limited  Lifetime Warranty applies to any product manufactured by Bolt It On and stays in effect to the original purchaser of the Bolt It On product . The Limited Lifetime Warranty becomes void immediately once the original purchaser sells and/or transfers ownership of the product to anyone other than themselves.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty offers a limited warranty against manufacture defects. Bolt It On will repair or replace defective merchandise manufactured by Bolt It On at its discretion. Upon Bolt It On’s inspection, Bolt It On may offer to repair or replace the item in question.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid if the product(s) are installed properly and used in the manner in which the product was designed. Any misuse of the product, or alteration from its original, new condition, voids the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Normal wear and tear, including scratches, dents, oxidation of surfaces and damage from misuse, accidents, or modification are not covered. Surface plating, paint, powder coat or any other coatings are not covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Wear and tear from weather, chemicals and lack of maintenance to the product void the warranty. Additionally, the warranty does not cover any issues beyond Bolt It On’s control like theft, vehicle accident, improper installation, misuse, overloading, improper maintenance of the product, or improper maintenance of the vehicle the product is being used.

Bolt It On is not responsible for damage, discoloration or etc. to your vehicles floor. Note: Vinyl / linoleum flooring naturally discolors over a period of time. When any type of furniture / structure is placed on top of this type of flooring. Bolt It On products do NOT cause discoloration due to something in our product. Dirt, grime, grease and pressure react with these types of flooring and Bolt It On is NOT responsible for such occurrences. Bolt It On recommends no leaving your rack system in your vehicle for  long periods of time, however, doing so may or may no alleviate this potentially from happening.

The user of the Bolt It On product(s) understands that Bolt It On has no responsibility for the attachment and/or installation of its products to vehicles or the attachment of cargo to Bolt It On products. Bolt It On does not assume any responsibility for damage to any property from improper installation and/or attachment or use of Bolt it on products.

If the product is believed to be defective, the original purchaser of the product should contact Bolt It On immediately by calling us at: 805-975-8280 or email us at: