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Bolt It On 45 degree install for 4 motorcycle/bicycles in an Outdoor RV 27 TRX.
I'm a connoisseur of fine machinery and manufacturing, and the Bolt It On kit is a perfect match for the quality of the Toy Hauler my research led us to purchase for our upcoming adventures! Scott provided A+ customer service, guiding me with answers and advice throughout the process...and when I loaded up the bikes and tied them was like pouring a fine wine at a great restaurant that goes beyond your hopes and expectations. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants the best and most secure system for their toy hauler with motorcycles plus bikes!!

Hi Scott, I received the rack last week, on time, but actually had the chance to install and admire it Saturday. As you know this is the second system I have purchased, and all I can say is “WOW”!!!

This was truly a custom application and it fits perfectly. I think this time you may have outdone yourself. This side loader has very little room to waste and you make every bit of it count.
I will be showing it off in a couple of weeks in Alabama at a track day with Elite Sportbike. (if I make it to the track )
Also, thanks for the tee! The design is very West Coast!!
As always, I owe you big time! Any way I can return the service, please let me know.
Your loyal customer.




The Bolt It On rack system does exactly what it says it will do. Allow you to quickly tie your bikes down, without having to permanently mount a rack in your van, toy hauler, etc.

It’s quick, simple & made to last. I installed it myself in my Sprinter van (I did not have to drill holes in my floor & no bolts) & tied down my 2 dirt bikes. Then I tested it by taking a drive. To my surprise my dirt bikes did not move around one bit. It’s solid & works perfectly, no BS. Now I have a rack to tie my dirt bikes down & I can quickly remove it completely, then use my van for anything else I wish to. If your looking for a quality rack to tie your bikes down & be completely removable quickly, look no further.  Thank you for the great product guys! Plus it’s made right here in the U.S.A. American made!



Bolt It On is the absolute only way to transport my motorcycles. The initial setup only takes minutes and securing the bikes is a breeze. Doesn’t matter if short hauls or long hauls across the country the bikes stay planted. I love that I can take this system out and use it other vehicles / trailers.

I liked the product so much that I also purchased grab handles for my ford transit van. The quality, fit and finish of the Bolt It On products is top notch. Don’t hesitate to call them either. Scott kept me posted throughout the process and even after to follow up.


Hi Scott!

Thanks so much.  This is probably one of the most amazing pieces of engineering I have seen. So simple and so strong!  Brilliant!  We will splash it over media when we are done!



All went well. Love love love the rack. It’s awesome. It rocks. Will be doing my best to sell some more for you. I love it, I loaded the bikes by myself in 15 minutes. It used to take us almost 45 min to strap four bikes in. Thanks for designing such a simple product.