May 5

Bolt It On Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tie Down Rack System - Gen 2

I first reviewed Bolt It On’s motorcycle tie down rack system a few years ago. I grew to love the setup, especially that fact that I can completely remove it in seconds with no permanent mounting hardware left behind. While you can read the original review here, I urge you to hear what I have to say about the “Gen 2” version and how I fell in love with it all over again.

With a few years of use, it was easy to appreciate the setup. Being able to move it from trailer to van, or trailer to trailer makes it incredibly useful. Our toy hauler setup is living space once parked and dirt bikes removed. The ability to remove the tie down system is one of the most important accessories I’ve purchased and should be a mandatory option when buying such a trailer.

Of course with extensive time spent using a product, over time you can find things that can be improved upon. When changing configurations on the rack system- like going from hauling 2 bikes to 3 bikes, you need to take apart the system to slide the appropriate chocks and tie down points on. While it’s simple and easy to do, it does take a few minutes to do. Luckily for me while I was shopping for an additional wheel chock and tie down points, I had a question or two that I emailed in to customer support. I thought I knew what I needed and just had a few general questions before I purchased online. The feedback was impressive and quick. The guys at Bolt It On helped me discover the type of chocks I actually needed and gave insight on their “Gen 2” hardware.

The new stuff is a game changer. I now can add/delete chocks and tie points without taking the entire system apart! This made a good product that I assumed couldn’t improve, that much better. I’ve never been more impressed with quality, support and overall experience with a manufacturer. Check out the specs below for the 60 degree “twist” type chocks I needed for my limited clearance application. It turns the front wheel in, effectively clearing the walls of the handlebars and allowing me to close the ramp behind. Genius.

THE GEN 2 DIFFERENCE - Our NEW G2 system allows you to install or remove each wheel chock without having to remove any other component on your Bolt It On system. Each wheel chock secures to your crossbar with our comfort grip knob.

The LH 60 Degree Dirt Bike Chock is designed to be used when hauling three dirt bikes in short application. This wheel chock is designed to go on the right side of the rack system or on the Driver side.


  • Fits all dirt bike and bicycle tires

  • Fits tire widths from 1″ – 5 1/2″

  • Mounts to existing crossbar assembly

  • Adjustable


  • Laser cut

  • High grade alloy steel

  • Powder coated

  • Rust free

  • Comfort grip knob

  • The flat on the front of the chock is 2″ and extends out to 5″

  • Made in U.S.A.